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Digitize and automate your business processes and improve your service quality with customized solutions that optimize your day-to-day business.

Companies that do not digitize and automate their processes risk losing their competitive edge. Efficient and future-proof solutions are essential at a time when labor shortages, rising wages and changing customer expectations are putting companies under increasing pressure. However, important data and process information is often bound up in physical form. Complete digitization of paper-based processes is not possible because automation fails in 5-20% of processes, such as OCR-based document processing or automatic categorization. This leads to a high effort in manual capture of important information. Optimize your business processes with our flexible solutions for digitization and automation and benefit from efficiency gains, cost savings and better customer service. In customized projects, we help you seamlessly integrate paper-based processes into digital channels. Let us automate and digitize your business processes together so that you can maintain your competitive edge

Mastering business process challenges

Digitize Physical Data

Paper is still a widely used medium. We can digitize this data for you reliably and efficiently so that you can use it to your advantage.

Close Automation Gaps

Automation fails in 5-20% of all transactions. Close this gap with our specialized digitization services and solutions.

Gain Full Transparency

As shipping volumes grow, so do delivery issues. With us, you can combine digital and manual data for full supply chain visibility.

Digitize and automate business processes with these industry solutions

Looking for support for a specific project in the field of data capture, digitization and automation? Please contact me, Katja Peschke, for individual questions and inquiries.

Video Coding

Maximize the capacity of automated sorting systems by outsourcing video coding.

Live Tracking Portal

Optimize delivery quality based on tracking data and end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Returns Management

Benefit from seamless operations and high data quality by outsourcing time-consuming address research.

Digitizing CN Labels and Customs Data Capture

With this digitization solution, you’ll benefit from reduced costs and increased sortation efficiency.

Digitizing Feedbacks

Is conducting satisfaction surveys too time-consuming because it takes too long to analyze the results? Let us handle this task for you.

Gain competitive advantage by driving digital and automated business processes

Interested in learning more about our business process automation & digitization solutions? Watch the webinar recording for detailed information from the postal and logistics sector.

Advantages of Spectos Automation & Digitization Solutions

Reach 100% of all customers combining digital and paper-based processes
Improved service quality and customer experience
Flexibility and scalability for your operations
Increased productivity due to significant time savings
Keeping pace with the growth of your business
Precise data for data-based optimization of planning processes
Full transparency on all transactions in Spectos RTPM™ Cockpits
End-to-end data and results for complex supply chains
Live engagement and managing tools to boost the efficiency of the delivery process

Khách hàng của chúng tôi nói gì?

It is Bladkompagniet’s goal to ensure excellent service quality in mail delivery at all times. The Spectos digitization services are a valuable support in our daily operations. They enable us to operate efficiently and deliver letters to our citizens’ mailboxes on time, 7 days a week.

– Maj Høysholdt | Project Manager | Bladkompagniet

Kizy Tracking supports us at Offergeld in meeting our customers’ requirements. The trackers close the gap of information between us and subcontractors and ensure that our clients receive detailed and constant information about the location of their shipments and the estimated time of arrival. Kizy makes a valuable contribution to our goal of real-time process transparency and process quality improvement

– Ralph Griebenow | Head of IT Service | Offergeld Logistik

We were looking for a solution to our video coding challenges against a backdrop of staff shortages, rising minimum wages and the goal of keeping prices stable for our end customers. By outsourcing our video coding, we are able to respond flexibly to dynamic shipment volumes, deliver on time, and achieve significant cost savings. I highly recommend Spectos to anyone facing similar challenges.

– Michael Ulbrich | CEO | MEDIA Logistik | PostModern

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